Welcome to the first ever blog of massivegape.com. I hope what you find here is what you’re looking for. This is to be a one stop for all things anal and pussy gape be it straight, gay, trans. What I really enjoy is gape and I know you do too!

So many amazing pornstars in the world and one of them is Emily Pink in this video. She takes a huge fist and shows that wonderful rose bud. Wouldn’t that be a treat to lick?! Not sure if it’s the perfect rose bud or her smile when she’s showing it off that gets at me but wow, unreal. What’s unreal is this clip of Argendana getting fist punched and taking it like a champ! It must have taken her quite some time to be able to take a fist like that. Know of anyone that is needing a helping hand, or like this clip that shows she can take a huge dildo? Yeah I know, sorry those are only 30 second clips but they were too good to not post!

For those that like to see a guy get gapped check out the Falcon Studios video. I don’t know but it seems that rent has to be paid somehow and the guy paid his dues, what do you think? Recently ran across this fun step bro scene. Seems that this is a pretty fun niche to be in and shows a nice gape.